Are you ready for Passive Income


You've probably heard of passive income at some point in time, but you may be thinking thinking "It sure sounds good, but it feels so out of reach. Where would I even start?"

Good news? You start here:


I've heard it from hundreds of clients. "I want passive income so I can have more freedom, less stress, and work because I want to, not because I have to."

But the challege is: you're not sure where to start.

You weren't taught about money in school, your parents didn't teach you, and trying to learn everything in a 30 second TikTok feels... impossible.


That's where this masterclass comes in. In one hour, you'll fully understand the basics of passive income so you can feel more empowered with money (and making aligned decisions)

This webinar is relevant even if you think..

❌ I don't have money to invest right now!

❌ I don't really even know what options exist for me!

❌ I'm so damn BUSY -- I don't need MORE things "to do"

❌ I'm nervous and not even sure where to start! 


Imagine having passive income flowing in every month, week and day.

You could jump off the hampster wheel, reduce your workload, eliminate anxiety with money, and start earning effortlessly 🤯


If your inner voice is yelling F*CK YES!...


I break it all down for you inside my FREE Masterclass
Passive Income 101 


In this 1 hour live training, you'll learn the basics of Passive Income and how to start receiving it even if you don't have any money to invest right now


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What you'll learn in one hour 🤫🤯


🔥 What is Passive Income -- and how is it different from "Active Income"?  

🔥 Most common passive income streams

🔥 How you are blocking yourself from passive income... and how to shift to allow money in

➕ You'll get my simple and easy road map to generating passive income


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You currently do not have any passive income streams... and want to learn more about generating passive income, ASAP 

✨ You want to figure out ways to generate passive income... without needing a ton of money saved up

✨ You recognize that you are hard working & talented -- but lack the education to make your money work for you

✨ You want to learn a no-bullshit, easy to understand process to generating passive income 


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Your BIG 🍆 MONEY Mentor

Scottie Taylor Jr 

Multiple Six Figure Biz Owner + Money Manifester

Scottie is a financial entrepeneur and currently runs two 6-figure businesses, consistently earning 💵 $30k - $50k/mo 💵 

In 2015, Scottie quit his 6-figure corporate job (thank god) and since then, he's helped hundreds of students get out of their own way and MAKE MORE 💵. 

Scottie's Motto: #WorkLessMakeMore -- by unlocking his own money mindset, was able to go from $26k in 2016 (working 7 days/week) to $410k+ in 2021 (working 2-3 days per week... and having WAY more fun).

With his finance background + goofy (yet intense) personality, Scottie perfectly blends the intersection of spirituality, money, and success -- in a way that just FEELS good (and you can't help but want to smile).

It's like, big 🍆 money energy + "IDGAF" attitude + a bit of spice + a whole lot of love.